Rosaire's Royal Racers
The Ultimate In Racing Pigs

Welcome to Pork Chop Downs

Rosaire's Royal Racers is a family owned and operated company, performing for audiences across the nation!
 It's a free show for all the patrons at your event.
 Featuring three different breeds of pigs at each and every 20-30 minute show throughout the day!

audience  participation is a MUST!

This truly is a show for the ENTIRE family!
 Kids and adults alike ALWAYS "squeal" with delight as these speedy swine fly around the 180ft all aluminum track in about 7 seconds!
 Cheerleaders or "Pig Rooters" from the audience are picked to represent each pig... when their pig wins they receive FREE prizes!
Rosaire's Royal Racers truly is one of the best ground acts in the world today!
 They are100% professional at all times, and you won't get a better show for your money.
  We guarantee it'll be one of the MOST popular shows you've EVER had at your event!
 Something unique about Rosaire's Royal Racers,
and unlike any other traveling pig racing company, is that they have a private outdoor exercise  area for all the animals, so they can go outside as they choose.
 Rosaire's also travels with misting systems, air conditioning, fans, heaters...and anything else the pigs might need for their comfort.
 That way the athletes  are comfortable at ALL times!

Book now, cause dates are filling up fast!